Our Physicians special interests include, but are not limited to, areas such as the following:

  • General - Allergic reactions of any kind, regardless of cause with emphasis in the management of ears, eyes, nose, sinus, skin, lungs, gastrointestinal, etc., as well as comparable clinical problems without an apparent cause.
  • Respiratory - Problems due to occupational and environmental lungs diseases. All types of asthma.
  • Skin - Allergic disease of the skin, including: generalized itch, urticaria (hives), angioedema, atopic (eczema), and allergic contact dermatitis. Also, unusual occupational skin disorders.
  • Immunologic Diseases - Managing the broad spectrum of autoimmune and immunologic aspect of disease.

Additional Services

Our physicians professional experience and expertise include clinical investigation, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic asthma, allergic, and immunologic (autoimmune) diseases, for all ages; pediatric rheumatology (joint diseases); general acupuncture (all ages); disability and/or compensation evaluation (including independent medical evaluation and second opinion consultation); and clinical research investigation.

Our physicians broad and extensive academic training, experience, and outstanding credentials, enables them to address a wide spectrum of health services. We are known mostly in the Central Florida community for our dedication and strong personal commitment to our patients. We have highly competent and caring physicians who manage clinically complicated and challenging patients who have not responded to traditional therapies.